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NetAcquire High Reliability

Do you have a project that requires the highest level of reliable uptime in a telemetry system? 

Want the piece of mind that comes with 99.9999% level availability?

The NetAcquire High Availability (HA) Option is the answer to creating a mission-critical systems with the ultimate in uptime. The unique NetAcquire HA Option allows two NetAcquire servers to work together in a redundant 1+1 primary/standby capacity. If one server has a fault, the other server will be automatically switched in to take over communications. A Redundancy Connection Panel (RCP) then multiplexes and de-multiplexes EIA-530 serial channels and analog and digital IRIG time signals from the two servers. Electronic switchover avoids minutes or hours of downtime.

For increased availability, the NetAcquire High Availability Option can be combined with the NetAcquire High Reliability chassis. The NetAcquire High Reliability chassis already offers, in a single non-redundant configuration, greater than 50,000 hour mean-time-before-failure (MTBF) and less than 15 minutes mean-time-to-repair (MTTR). By combining two NetAcquire High Reliability chassis in a 1+1 redundant configuration, the system availability achieves an extraordinary 99.9999% level ("six 9s"). This availability performance is accomplished even when anticipated repair times for most failures are delayed for up to 24 hours.

High Reliability

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The high system "availability" is achieved through the combination of high "reliability" and low "repair time". The NetAcquire design has focused on raising the value of the reliability numerator by using redundancy both within a server and between two 1+1 servers. This pioneering design places its emphasis on reducing the repair time. If an automatic switchover from a primary server to a standby server occurs, the "repair" time is usually only a few seconds. As one would imagine, this is an extremely important feature at 3:00 AM on a Sunday when your technician is out of town!

Minimum Down-time Site Migration

The NetAcquire RCP has special hardware support allowing NetAcquire systems to replace existing legacy communications equipment with greatly minimized system conversion downtime: from hours or days to seconds. Furthermore, the deployed system can switch back and forth between NetAcquire signal processing and legacy signal processing under remote network control and with less than one second interruption in the data.


  • High system availability from the redundant use of two NetAcquire servers

  • Automatic and rapid switchover of the standby unit upon failure of the primary unit

  • Easy to setup and operate

  • Ability to manually control the primary/standby and online/offline status of each server in order to perform routine hardware maintenance and software up grades

  • Dedicated redundancy control hardware device also protects from potential software failures

  • Continuous active monitoring of all I/O channel hardware, including all RS-422 transceiver circuits and all IRIG signal transceivers

  • Continuous active monitoring of network interfaces, disk drives, power supplies, fans, temperature, IRIG interface, and serial interfaces

  • Multiple displays for system status and alerts: Web browser display, LCD front-panel display, LED back- panel display, SNMP, and archived operations history

  • Automatic replication of configuration information keeps redundant servers in synchronization

Click here to download this brochure in Adobe Acrobat format (get Acrobat here).

High Availability Control

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High Availability Status and Control  

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