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Telemetry Decommutation

Many NetAcquire serial, analog, or digital interfaces generate streams of input data. The term "telemetry" refers to a stream of measurement information that is transmitted from a remote source. 

The NetAcquire Telemetry Decommutation option extracts individual measurements from input data and publishes these measurements to the network. The extraction operation is often called decommutation and the publishing is part of NetAcquire Publish/Subscribe functionality.

Once decommutated, measurements are easily displayed and processed with the NetAcquire Java Toolkit or the NetAcquire Windows Toolkit.

NetAcquire Java Telemetry Display
Java Telemetry Display
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NetAcquire telemetry decommutation is fully integrated to the NetAcquire Data Flow option, and is designed to be very flexible and handle a wide range of telemetry packing formats. Selectable options include:

  • measurement naming
  • byte offset
  • integer/float representation
  • signed/unsigned representation
  • reversed bits
  • unaligned start and end bit offsets
  • engineering units conversion
  • engineering units naming
  • subcommutation and supercommutation
  • data compression
  • embedded and asynchronous frames
  • CCSDS support.

Any number of named telemetry formats can be stored on a NetAcquire system, and are available for simultaneous use by different network clients.

Telemetry measurements can be conveniently displayed from any Web browser with an integrated Java measurement viewer (see screen display).

The NetAcquire Java Toolkit provides another way to flexibly display real-time telemetry measurements. Each telemetry measurement is assigned a name that can be referenced from JavaBean display classes such as graph, text field, table, and indicator light. Display classes are pre-written, and this allows creation of real-time telemetry data display screens and virtual instrument front-panels in only minutes without programming (click here for a step-by-step example).

Microsoft Windows systems can also use the NetAcquire Windows Toolkit for reading and displaying decommutated telemetry data.

Java Telemetry Display

Java Telemetry Map Editor

Measurement Viewer

NA Data Flow Option

Telemetry Map Editor

Measurement Viewer

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