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NetAcquire systems offer a real-time solution that support bi-directional conversion of ARINC-429 data bus and an Ethernet network. The NetAcquire system can perform as a transmitter or receiver, or both. The full processing and decommutation capabilities of the NetAcquire product are available for analyzing and generating 1553 traffic, as well as data archiving and playback. Expansion to up to 256 simultaneous ARINC-429 channel is available.

NetAcquire 'Toaster'

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  • Simultaneously share and display ARINC-429 data across multiple desktop computers
  • Simulate a transmitter to test your receiver product
  • Simulate one or more receivers to test your transmitter product
  • Verify/Validate correct operation of your existing system by monitoring all ARINC-429 traffic
  • Analyze message traffic off-line from archived messages
  • Monitor and communicate on multiple channels to test redundancy
  • Easily configure NetAcquire system operation from any Web browser to change test scenarios quickly
  • View ARINC-429 data away from a noisy lab via the network

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 Data Routing and Networking Features

  • Performs real-time data analysis with the NetAcquire Data Flow Engine
  • Split and combine ARINC-429 traffic across separate streams
  • Publish to network with convenient NetAcquire Publish-Subscribe (no network programming required)
  • Publish to network with standard TCP or UDP sockets
  • Networked graphic data displays

 Data Recording/Archiving Features

  • Selective archiving of all or any subset of ARINC-429 traffic
  • Time stamping of individual messages
  • Easy export of data to various PC applications
  • FTP transfer of captured files automatically or on demand
  • Formatted in accordance with IRIG 106-2001 Telemetry Standards Chapter 10

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